🕊️ How to Become a HOPE DEALER 🕊️

How to Become a HOPE DEALER🕊️

Join the Global Network of Hope Dealers! 🌎

Becoming a HOPE DEALER is about adopting a mindset and lifestyle that involves spreading positivity, support and encouragement to others.

It’s about learning, understanding and fostering community.

Remember, the journey of spreading HOPE starts with small, consistent steps.

What’s Included in the Guide

Unveiling Corie Mattie's Exclusive 6 Steps to Transforming into a Hope Dealer

Discover the LA Hope Dealer's Distinctive Dove Stencil

Step-by-step Instructions on Spreading "Paint Hope" Across Your Community

A Comprehensive Guide to Sharing Your "Hope" Artistry Online and Becoming Part of the Global Network of Hope Dealers.

Meet Corie

Corie Mattie, also known as "LA Hope Dealer," is a multi-disciplinary street artist whose impactful work graces the vibrant streets of Los Angeles and cities around the world. Her art is a fusion of pop culture, activism, and poignant social commentary, and it never fails to stir strong emotions across social media platforms. Her work is bold, unapologetic, and impossible to overlook.

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